This service comes with the following advantages:

  • Designing and building a unique store (Business Bundle).
  • Domain name for one year (free).
  • Hosting for one year (free).
  • SSL certificate for one year (free).
  • Technical support for one year (free).
  • Fast delivery.


Keeping up with the technological development, many businesses have turned to e-commerce. The online store facilitates easy access for customers anywhere and also facilitates the buying and selling processes at the levels of large companies or start-ups and individuals, where the business can be started with lower costs and low risk. Hexa Technical Development provides the service of building a store and linking shipping companies and payment methods with the best and fastest software.

Terms and Notes:

1- Adding products is on the customer, and when customer wants to add products through Hexa, the service is purchased seperately.


2- The offer for the first year of purchase includes:

  • Website address (domain).
  • Hosting.
  • SSL Certificate.
  • Technical Support.
  • At the end of the year, the amount on these services is 1000 Riyals paid annually.


3- You can take advantage of the offer and install the site on Hexa server, or we can install the site on a third-party hosting provider on the terms of:

  • Hexa team has to be informed prior starting.
  • Hexa is not responsible for any problems due to the third party provider.
  • Technical support service is limited to website programmatic issues only.