Websites, Programs & Applications Development

Website Development

In the website industry, our web development team looks beyond the visual impact of the website and takes other factors into consideration such as high security and security, ease of use of the website, speed to load, ease of maintenance, and adherence to development best practices and standards. We also take into account the website’s search engine relevance and optimization, and of course, we make sure that the website perfectly serves its main objectives.

At Hexa Technical Development, we provide customized software development solutions to our clients in all circumstances. Our team has years of experience in developing and delivering software suitable for business and general needs.

For us, the choice between frameworks and programming languages ​​is very important to the nature of the work and the type of project. We are proud to have a team that is familiar with web programming languages, frameworks and libraries with the latest versions.

Some of the important tools we ae using are:

ASP.NET, HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, JQuery, Node.js, MySQL, MMSQL, PostgreSQ, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii2, Slim, Symfony, CakePHP.

Software Development

Since our establishment in 2013, our team has gained a wealth of experience working on major projects – from small businesses to mega businesses across large sectors. We can provide you with software solutions for PC Windows, Mac and Linux computers, including the latest technologies, using special programming languages ​​and multiple frameworks, most notably:

C, C++, C#, F#, Objective-C, Python, .Net, Java, JavaScript, Swift.

Mobile Apps Development

Hexa has the skills, tools and experience to provide you with advanced mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows phone, and we are always trying to make the most of what mobile technology has to offer. We develop applications on Native programming languages ​​such as:

Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, & C#

Or using Cross-Platform frameworks such as:

Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Kivy, Codename One.