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Hexa Technical Development was established in 2013, and relies on six foundations, software development services, design, Internet of things, artificial intelligence solutions, cyber security, consulting and technical support throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. We provide solutions to people and companies in various industries that are taking their business to new heights.

We are leaders in various forms of software development and have made our clients happy with mobile app design and development and web design and development.Over the past ten years, we have worked with local and international clients, achieving nearly 200 satisfied clients in several parts of the world, in addition to completing more than 250 projects.

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Introductory Website (Personal)

The introductory website helps to reach the public. If you are influential and want to reach your audience easier, this is one of the best solutions. You can benefit from this service, which provides building a special personal introductory website that contains ideas, images, materials and other personal identification tools.

1499 Riyals

Introductory Website (Business)

The website is the digital interface for any company or organization through which services can be presented and described to the customer. In this era in particular, this digital interface has become one of the basics of every profitable or non-profitable organization to attract customers and others for a better and accurate description. This service allows you to build a special site that is different from the rest of the sites, where the site is designed graphically and then programmed to have a distinctive shape.

2999 Riyals


Keeping up with the technological development, many businesses have turned to e-commerce. The online store facilitates easy access for customers anywhere and also facilitates the buying and selling processes at the levels of large companies or start-ups and individuals, where the business can be started with lower costs and low risk. Hexa Technical Development provides the service of building a store and linking shipping companies and payment methods with the best and fastest software.

2999 Riyals

Our Services

Software Development

Software development is the most competitive asset in various fields of life, and without it, you cannot think of expanding your business to the global market or creating an environment that is harmonious with the circumstances surrounding you in general. Whether you are trying to get more done with fewer resources or more efficiently, we can provide suitable software that enables you to reach practical goals through simplified techniques.


The design department consists of a specialized team that does all the graphics to attract the user and extends to everything that needs to make shapes, models and color merging. The design department uses the best tools including Photoshop, Coral draw, Adobe Illustrator and other latest tools to ensure the best work.

Internet of Things IoT

Hexa tech development team is carving a professional path by developing IoT applications, our IoT approach aligns with the core areas, it helps in collecting data from physical objects, and uses it for automation and business intelligence which facilitates communication with devices involved in decision making. With the help of Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, and other fast-programmed chips, digitization is integrating into the physical world to carry out daily routine tasks without human intervention.

AI Solutions

We provide innovative solutions to companies in the field of computer vision and machine learning. We also offer NLP solutions which are interdisciplinary applications including language science, text editing, machine learning and deep learning. We align with the foundation of your business and understand how to make effective decisions.

Cyber Security

As technologies evolve and technologies shift, the landscape of threats is also changing. However, many organizations are adapting their technology without guidance or direction from IT, information security, procurement, or risk professionals. As an advanced technology services provider, we act as a trusted partner to our clients providing advanced expertise in the current threat landscape.

Consulting & Technical Support

This section was developed to serve the client from technical advice to solve problems or to start a new technical project. You can speak with a consultant to present the problem and take a good opinion from a technical point of view that will clarify the way and help to move forward steadily. Also, we provide technical and technical support services to project owners in the technical management or troubleshooting of any existing technical project. As the assignment of the team is directed to follow up and monitor the project and provide technical assistance in the event of a problem in order to ensure the continuity of work with the highest quality.

Customers Reviews

Abdullah Qudsi
Abdullah Qudsi
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First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Abdul-Badi' for his good dealings and understanding, and the work team all of you. You did not shorten the time, and the site, God willing, is more than excellent. May God give you health and wellness, O Lord.
Jacob Kamar El Din Debyaz
Jacob Kamar El Din Debyaz
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I had an idea for a site and the site was delivered with a distinctive design and in record time and they also have special offers and prices
Jacob Kamar El Din Debyaz
Jacob Kamar El Din Debyaz
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Excellent service and fast delivery, thank you

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Hexa Tech Dev is certified by Freelance under certificate title “Computer Software” and number “df3ae348”. Also, it is certified by Maroof under number “214282”, it can be found here.

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